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You play as a jumping stickman. The stickman will run forward on its own and jump when you touch the screen. The longer you hold your touch, the higher the stickman will jump. Your goal is to jump over every building, run to the end of the track and get as good highscore as you can. Stickman doesn’t have wings to flappy flap like a bird, but it jumps very high. You have to do a lot of jumping to beat the tracks, but be careful: unnecessary jumping will not get you a good score! This is a hard game so be cool and don’t get angry!.


  • Made with Unity – the leading engine for game development! (Require Unity 2017.2.3f1 (64-bit) or higher!)
  • One touch game!
  • Full services: Admob,UnityAds,Leaderboard has been integrated!
  • Detailed text and video tutorials are included in the project!

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Last Update: April 24, 2020
Relased: February 17, 2020
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