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Imagine you could start an app similar to tinder but for High-class earners only??

When it comes to Dating, A lot of people often complain of “GoldDiggers”.. A term used to describe partners with low income seeking to attach themselves to other partners with way Higher earning potential in hopes of capitalizing on the money of the Higher earning partner instead of real love.

Technology hasn’t been able to find an antidote to this problem despite all the fantastic algorithms, With this code, you can finally solve this “Rich peoples’ problem” in trying to find a partner online..

How it achieves the aim;

(For explanation purposes, lets assume a girl is the “Goldigger” and a boy is the Higher income partner doing a job which earns him 50,000$ a year)..

1. You as admin set a sign-up amount you want.. Maybe 5000$ which is 10% of the upper class earner’s income….

2. Every member of your dating app must pay this set amount you want.. (This prevent people of lower income from being able to afford to signup your high-end app and destabilize the quality of relationships that your high-end users are looking to have through your app)

3. Your rich users who have signed up since they can afford your registration fee, can choose which level of earners they want to see and merge with..

4. You can decide to let them pay this monthly and you make you money by serving them partners who match their income..

A dating and networking app based on Income people make

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